CloudPlatform data analytics allows condition-based monitoring of SW machines, processing machine data to detect performance and reduce maintenance costs. CloudPlatform also monitors automated processes, so if a cycle gets out of sync, users can act before productivity suffers.

CloudPlatform monitors machine component conditions, uploading a daily status to the NC monitors, with most of the monitoring done via universal axis tests – equability tests supplemented by circularity tests.

The equability tests measure axis movement to detect factors in need of attention, such as worn ball screws, guideways requiring slide lubrication, damage or parallelism errors, and backed up chips in covers and seized cover fragments.

Areas that equability tests might miss are covered by circularity tests, such as determining slack and reversal errors with bearings and ball screws.

CloudPlatform’s intuitive user experience provides advice on specific actions to take for optimal machine availability.

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