May 2020



CMM cuts time, improves safety

Schleifring Medical’s purchase of a Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine reduces part inspection to 25 minutes, one setup, alleviating final inspection bottlenecks.

Cover Story

Dry finishing implants

DLyte series machines offer non-hazardous, clean, controllable, reproducible, automated, traceable medical device surface finishing.


What to know about holders, drills, end mills, and machines.


Endoscopes evolve

Changing requirements, smaller components, advanced technologies are improving these widely used devices.


5 Things You Need to Know

OGP Product Specialist Jason Grein discusses the world’s most comprehensive metrology software.

Questions with Michael Minton

Makino’s Applications Engineering Services Manager on understanding machine design features for medical component production.

Motion, Design & Automation


Advanced technologies moving people forward.