Whether it’s artificial joints for knees, hips, and shoulders, dental implants, or bone screws and plates, cutting-edge medical technology significantly improves patients’ quality of life well into old age. This is true as long as that technology delivers its promise and provides a long service life. To make sure these requirements are met, medical manufacturers need high-quality tools to achieve absolute precision when producing complex components.

Precision tools for producing prostheses, implants, surgical instruments

Just as patients rely on high-quality implants, medical technology companies rely on quality carbide tooling and manufacturing expertise to machine their products. Whether it’s a leading company from the dental sector or a manufacturer of surgical forceps or producers of implants, such as osteosynthesis products, CERATIZIT is a manufacturing partner that can help develop customized, efficient tooling solutions for every application.

Mastering the entire process chain

From powder metallurgy to digital machining with ToolScope, CERATIZIT masters the entire process chain and guarantees the highest level of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process of high-tech medical products. Quality tooling coupled with extensive experience and expertise, CERATIZIT helps you continuously optimize your processes for top performance.

Certified carbide grades meet FDA biocompatibility approval

Biocompatibility requirements for medical devices improve patient safety. Our cutting materials undergo the strictest in-vitro cytotoxicity testing. The results are confirmed by an accredited laboratory approving our tools for sensitive components that come into contact with the body*. Count on CERATIZIT carbide grades to meet specific U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements to benefit human health. (*FDA)

Premium quality

In the medical industry, we place a premium on quality and functionality when machining medical components. We work with you to overcome challenges posed by difficult-to- machine materials and complex contours and geometries. We work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. Take advantage of our decades of machining experience to produce the highest quality, precision medical technology.