Sebastien Schmitt Stäubli North America Robotics Division Manager

1. Stäubli launched its first robots in life science more than 30 years ago with early projects in lab automation, surgery, drug, and medical device manufacturing.
From the start, Stäubli developed a unique smart design well adapted to sensitive environments. The fully encapsulated robotic arms present no external cables and can reach cleanliness levels from ISO 5 to ISO 2, in addition to compatibility with chemicals used in decontamination processes (wipes, vaporized hydrogen peroxide – VHP).

2. From 2016 to 2019, Stäubli brought the ease of integration and flexibility to new levels by standardizing while expanding its full product range of 6-axis (TX2) and 4-axis SCARA (TS2).
All Stäubli series robots are made of common parts and components; moreover, they use the same compact controller (CS9). This enables customers to operate various robotic arms via one single model of controller, simplifying machine design and maintenance procedures.


3. Stäubli’s robots are known for market-leading high performance.

This first-in-class position find its sources in the patented gearboxes manufactured by the Swiss company itself. This results in minimum backlash and unmatched arm stiffness allowing for extreme repeatability. This translates in higher speed, shorter cycle time, and more productivity for medical device applications.



4. Choose Stäubli for controlled TCO and secured ROI.
We offer multiple services to support you throughout the project’s life: personalized technical study and proof of concept, training (user, programming, and maintenance), programming support, commissioning, preventive maintenance. Lastly, our 5-year warranty option gives you peace-of-mind and clear visibility on the costs of your equipment.

5. Stäubli is at the forefront of the technological trends that transform Industry 4.0.
• Its robotic systems are accessible and linkable to all interfaces, including OPC UA; it allows users to bring up real-time and personalized production information to their ERP system (enterprise resource planning).

• Acquiring the German company WFT GmbH in 2018, pioneers in industrial mobility, Stäubli developed a complete range of mobile autonomous solutions from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). While robotic arms work on the lines, AGVs and AMRs now bridge the gap that existed for completely autonomous production processes within the walls of smart factories.