Form drilling

Grooving with insertable form tools, instead of single-point turning, can lower costs up to 40%. However, solid carbide drills are often necessary for larger bore sizes and deeper holes, despite increased costs and longer machine downtime caused by long changeover times.

The PWP and PWP-D insertable form drill system addresses the problem by keeping the insert holder in the machine during changeover. The center height stays unchanged.

The insertable carbide tool is ground individually, according to customer specifications, and can hold a minimum tolerance of ±0.02mm and 0.02mm repeatability.

Form drill systems are available in various carbide grades and offer additional savings as only the insert is coated, not an entire solid carbide drill.

Schwanog LLC

2-jaw module system

To ensure maximum flexibility in setup, a 2-jaw module for clamping cubic parts can be positioned centrically on machining centers and milling machines. The 2-jaw module enables changeover from clamping round parts to cubic parts in less than 2 minutes. It can handle turning applications up to 1,500rpm.

The 2-jaw and 3-jaw modules use the Centrex quick-change interface as its base, allowing changeover without removing and realigning the collet chuck.

Hainbuch America Corp.

5-axis VMC with automation

The Variaxis C-600 vertical machining center (VMC) delivers speed, stability, and power while offering a range of tool capacity and flexible automation options.

Shops can opt for a 2-pallet changer, a simple solution that minimizes non-cut time associated with part loading/unloading. Full front doors span from the top to the bottom of the machine, enabling easier user access and ergonomics. An automatic side door allows robotic part loading/unloading, freeing up the machine’s front work area and eliminating interference between automation and operators.

Side loading supports standard, pre-engineered robotic part-loading systems to single-pallet/table machine configurations. The machine can be equipped with through-pallet hydraulics and pneumatics, allowing shops to mount fixtures to the machine’s table, and upon part loading, the workholding sends a signal that triggers automatic part clamping.

The Variaxis C-600 offers 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-tool magazines as well as random access tool magazines that eliminate the wait time typically involved with other types of fixed-address tool systems. The machine’s control pendant is mounted in close proximity to the front door and swings/pivots to accommodate users.

Mazak Corp.