Diamond turning inserts enable higher productivity and greater efficiency in machining hard materials faster and more effectively than grinding or ceramics.

Diamond PCD inserts excel in machining non-ferrous materials, including high-silicon aluminum, copper, brass alloys, magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and composites.

Diamond CVD machines aluminum and magnesium alloys, high-silicon aluminum, precious metal alloys, plastics with abrasive fillers, tungsten carbide, and ceramic green compacts. An advanced chip breaker reduces heat generation and energy consumption.

Diamond PCBN

inserts deliver high-precision performance and excellent surface finish in materials including hardened and heat-treated steels up to 72HRc, high-speed steel (HSS), high alloyed steels hardened to at least 45HRc, super Ni-based alloys, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, and graphite.

Diamond inserts, available in one and two cutting edge configurations, deliver higher performance and longer tool life.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Assembly pins

Stainless steel assembly pins from the GN 2342 series are available in all common diameters from 8mm to 20mm and in various standardized lengths. Three end-washer forms and the ability to select by code numbers (with and without transverse spring cotter pin holes) diversify the series further.

All washers are non-detachable because they are fastened to the assembly pin via their axial countersunk hole, enabling implementation of solution-specific lengths (available upon request in comparatively low quantities).

The spring cotter pin has been revised as well. The securing element, available as GN 1024, is based on even-numbered wire gauges, simplifying matching the associated through-hole. The spring cotter pins are available in steel and stainless steel, as well as with single or double winding.

JW Winco Inc.