By applying through-hole thread whirling or high-speed spindles for small surfacing end mills, the enhanced Tsugami SS327-III-5AX, 32mm, B-axis, chucker-convertible Swiss CNC lathe cuts complex parts completely in a single setup. The B-axis contains four front and two rear live tools that can machine in coordination with the C-axis, cutting precise angles and sculpted contours. The B-axis transforms this Swiss-type lathe into a multitasking turning center that can drill, tap, and end mill at any angle.

The modular tool zone makes it easy to change cartridge-type live cross and face tools on the B-axis and the sub-side, decreasing changeover time. Multiple angle cuts by the same tool decrease the number of tools required.

Enhancements to the Tsugami SS327-III-5AX include larger linear guides, increased ribs in the solid base casting, a 4GB data server, thermal displacement compensation sensors throughout, and a 3-toggle clamping system.

Tsugami/Rem Sales LLC