Tool data management solutions

TDM GlobalLine 2018’s Shopfloor Manager and Machine Process Control (MPC) modules deliver more transparency at the manufacturing level, allowing users to arrange tasks on a day-to-day basis. Features of TDM Global Line 2018 also include simplified 3D tool assembly for tool-crib management.

TDM Systems

Single setup micro tap grinding

The TapXmicro grinds taps up to M3. Based off the MX Linear machine platform, the 5-axis machine includes features to support each grinding operation – capacity for up to 6 wheel packs, dressers for all grinding wheels, and a flexible compensating chuck system between center workholding. TapXmicro delivers consistency when grinding micro tolerances, achieving a pitch diameter 1.5CpK when batch grinding M1.4 x 0.3mm taps with a tolerance of ±7µm.

Anca CNC Machines

Tightening fixture

Torque Fit is a tightening fixture for collet chucks with an integrated torque measuring system, ensuring proper tightening for high-precision cutting. An audible signal notifies user of correctly set torque values. Overtightening triggers LED error flashes.

Torque Fit replaces multiple torque wrenches and has adapters available for common machine tool interfaces such as CAT, BT, SK, HSK, and Big Capto. Torque values are preset, however, the operator can use a generic setting to tighten any collet chuck with a torque value up to 80Nm (60 lb-ft).

Big Kaiser

Coating system

The VT-3000i system deposits various materials using physical vapor deposition (PVD) or plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD). For temperature-sensitive substrates, it can use low-temperature arc vapor deposition technology (LTAVD). Deposition options include metallic colors – chrome, black, gold, brass, nickel, or bronze, as well as diamond-like carbon (DLC) – and various functional coatings.

VT-3000i’s 40% smaller footprint and updated design makes it easier to integrate into manufacturing facilities. The system eliminates complexities and increases ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.


Automatic measurement app

Offering standard imaging and viewing features, the Omni Core digital inspection system can be user-customized via optional imaging and measurement apps. The 2D Automatic Measurement app analyzes samples requiring accurate and repeatable measurements. The app can take a single measurement or execute a menu of predetermined measurements – exporting the results for documentation and analysis.

Unitron Ltd.

Clean room presses

Benchtop pneumatic presses for clean rooms offer versatile solutions for specific application requirements such as:

  • 40dB(A) press noise silencing effect
  • No lubrication bearing surface
  • Stainless steel fasteners, ram, precision-ground platen
  • Internally contained ram lubrication
  • Force delivery by series – Toggle-Aire: 1,000 lb to 16 tons; Hydro-pneumatic: 2 tons to 16 tons; Direct-Air: 15 lb to 5,000 lb

AIM Joraco

Compact VMC

The DNM 4000 vertical machining center for lean cell applications machines small parts in tough-to-machine materials. Featuring a 12,000rpm, 25hp, 40-taper spindle with 86 lb-ft of torque and a standard Big-Plus dual-contact interface, the DNM 4000 delivers short cycle times, consistent part surface finishes, and long tool life.

With a 65" x 11" x 108" footprint and travels of 20.5", 15.7", and 18.9" (X, Y, Z), the two-door design incorporates a large opening for easy access. The coolant system is located in the rear of the machine. The Fanuc i control with easy operation package (EOP) software developed by Doosan provides functions for convenient operation and reduced setup time.

Doosan Machine Tools America

Coolant-through micro toolholders

With micro tools operating at higher speeds in more compact tooling zones, Ti-Loc micro end mill holders improve machining efficiency while extending tool life. Featuring coolant delivery ports surrounding the micro tool for optimum edge cooling and chip evacuation, Ti-Loc is compatible with coolant-thru live tooling or coolant-fed ER nuts for plumbing to high-pressure coolant delivery systems.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. GenSwiss


Rigid ER collet chucks

Jacobs Taper Rigid ER collet chucks made from premium grade, through-hardened steel, are precision ground to provide 0.0002" TIR or better.

Available with a Jacobs taper #1, #2, #33, and #4, these holders are compatible with standard Jacobs taper spindles and accept standard ER collets. The chucks are available in ER16, ER20, and ER32. Specials are available to meet customer-specific needs.

TM Smith Tool Int’l Corp.

Gundrilling machine

The Eldorado M75-30T twin-spindle gundrilling machine’s counter-rotation fixture maximizes effectiveness of gundrilling by rotating the workpiece in the opposite direction of the drill’s rotation, improving straightness and reducing drill drift. The counter-rotation fixture features an improved gearbox and motor mount for reduced vibration. An automatic advance/retract of the entire counter-rotation assembly via a programmable servo simplifies part loading and unloading and reducing cycle time.

The M75-30T has a 0.75" (19mm) diameter drilling capacity and a 30" (762mm) maximum drilling depth. It has two gundrilling spindles using independent spindle control, enabling two independent drilling cycles at the same time.

Kays Engineering

Tool grinder

The versatile Star NXT CNC 5-axis tool grinder with fewer moving parts has a small footprint and large grind zone to run small and large diameter wheels. It features easily configurable options in a modular design.

Features include: 28kW synchronous spindle at 20,000rpm; up to 250mm diameter tools; advanced linear, rotary torque motor technology to eliminate backlash, friction effects, drive vibration; Fanuc robot automation with 3mm to 38mm gripper assembly; and NUMROTO-plus grinding software.


Carbide cut-off machine

The 2 Rod Auto-Cut CNC carbide cut-off machine automatically cuts carbide rods into precision lengths. Designed for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, this machine’s large capacity magazine and automatic loader provides hours of unattended operation.

The cut-off machine can double the carbide cutting and hardened steel rod production rates of manual cut-off machines. Simple CNC controls with a touchscreen operator interface allow quick parameter setting for rod diameter and length. The machine automatically loads and cuts rods from a large capacity magazine.

Rush Machinery