Air blow-off, parts drying

Maxumizer air blower systems built with the Maxum Bearing Bridge drive system use less energy and run on less horsepower at slower speeds. The drive system replaces a belt-driven system, employing separate bearing cases on either side of the drive pulley to properly distribute bearing load, reduce heat, improve service life, and offer 10x to 15x the L10 bearing life of older cantilever drives.

Maxum air devices include standard output flow and pressure data. Blower enclosures reduce operating sound level below 75dB at 3ft, are made from a corrosion-resistant polymer and have a small footprint, standard gages, oversize filters with pre-filters, and integrated skid mounts.

The systems’ converging, laminar flow technology enables air to reach the part in a stronger, faster, more concentrated form, improving efficiency while saving energy.

Maxum LLC

Coolant-actuated bar puller

Coolant fed through the Grippex 20L CNC bar puller from a CNC lathe’s coolant system pushes a piston forward so the fingers close on the bar stock. When coolant flow stops, the fingers automatically spring open.

With this bar puller, no adjustment by the operator is necessary as the fingers simply close until they contact the bar – supporting operations with multiple pulls on the same workpiece, even after the OD has been turned.

The Grippex coolant actuated bar puller can be used as a part loader/unloader, and when fitted with special jaws it can:

  • Remove finished parts from sub-spindle and place them into the parts catcher
  • Remove a bar remnant and drop it in the parts catcher for disposal

Royal Products

Wireless gaging products

Digital depth gage MarCal 30 EWR, MarCal specialty caliper 16 EWR, and universal caliper 16 EWR provide wireless data transmission of depth probe measurements.

The MarCal 16 EWR series includes several gages designed for measuring groove widths and distance between grooves. All MarCal depth gages and calipers offer IP67 resistance to dust, coolants, and lubricants and feature high-contrast digital displays, locking screws, zero reset functions, and immediate measurement readouts.

The MarCal 16 EWR digital caliper line includes a universal model and several specialty models that offer precise depth measurement via an integrated depth rod with measuring ranges of 0" to 6" or 8" (0mm to 150mm or 200mm) and resolution to 0.0005" (0.01mm).

MarCom Pro 5.2 software allows setup of measuring stations with wireless data transfer to a PC. Measured values from connected devices can be transferred automatically into separate Excel columns, tables, or files.

Mahr Inc.

Expanded multi-purpose tap line

MultiTAP’s geometric design, special base material, and surface treatment allow it to handle a wide range of materials and applications. The line now offers regular- and extended-length spiral point and spiral flute taps, as well as roll-form taps.

MultiTAP uses high vanadium cobalt high speed steel (HSS-E), nitrided with an Ne2 surface treatment or TiCN-coated for extended tool life. It is available in both spiral point and spiral flute configurations for through- or blind-hole applications. Tap sizes cover a full range for UNC or UNF threads, from #4-40 to 1"-12", to metric sizes from M4 x 0.7 to M24 x 3.0.

Emuge Corp.