ID/OD grinder

The Landis-Bryant RU2 Fuel MGMT grinder incorporates a modular, multi-surface grinder with extended flexibility to grind most complex components. Designed for challenging requirements, it employs a dual-slide arrangement in the Z-axis that can accommodate up to six grinding spindles.

Multi-slide possibilities in the X- and Z-axis offer multiple work heads, wheel heads, and dressing systems to customize the machine for a range of processes. Its granite epoxy bed includes a thermal stability system to monitor the temperature and, together with the optional adaptive thermal compensation, provides consistent stability. A stiff hydrostatic round-bar guideway system enables precise location of all axes for dimensional and geometric accuracy – ensured by high-resolution Heidenhain glass scales and Fanuc linear motors.

The modular design enables flexibility and allows customers to choose from multiple sizes, a range of machine configurations of work spindles, grinding spindles, dressing spindles, slides, tooling and fixtures, and the ability to handle parts up to 14" (350mm) in diameter and 7" (177mm) in length. RU2 grinders can be configured as chucker, shoe centerless, and center-type systems.

Fives Grinding

Chamfer-blending hone

The Flex-Hone for chamfer blending is a line of specialty flex-hones designed to blend and radius sharp edges and remove micro-burrs on chamfered holes, eliminating stress risers caused by chamfering. The flexible tools are designed to polish and radius the intersection of the chamfer and flange face as well as the inner corners and hole. Increased flexibility allows the tool to pass through thin web sections and polish the chamfer on the back side as well. The Flex-Hone tool eliminates hand finishing operations, producing consistent finishes.

Available in a variety of grit sizes and abrasive types, it is suitable for finishing titanium, Inconel, super CVM, and nickel-based stainless steel alloys.

Brush Research Mfg. Co. Inc.

Robotic-CNC machine integration platform

The Sinumerik Integrate Run MyRobot/EasyConnect on the Sinumerik 828D family can connect different types of robots designed by different manufacturers with CNC machines. This enables cost-effective setup of automated cells, including serial machines, even with different types of CNCs using the same standard interface. Additional automated cell setup features include simple optimization of work processes on machine tools, mobile condition monitoring, and remote maintenance.

Automated work processes cover all aspects of machine tools – from preparatory work to accessing necessary information and data at the machine – and efficient machine operation up to using mobile terminal equipment for visualizing machine conditions. Machine operators can access the factory network and inspect contract documents at the user interface. The technology also includes an application for prep work on a PC.

Sinumerik Integrate Access MyMachine provides remote diagnostics functionality. The basic Access MyMachine/P2P application facilitates the exchange of data with connected machines from a Windows PC. Sinumerik Integrate Access MyMachine/Ethernet (ASP) provides a quick overview of the machine history in addition to machine access. The Sinumerik CNC permits the uploading and downloading of machine data, files, trip recorders, and configurable PLC traces. Text message or email notifications in cases of unusual machine conditions are also possible. ASP allows cost-efficient monitoring of fault states and comprehensive integration of in-house service and maintenance processes.