3D print head adapter for CNCs

Hurco’s vertical machining center can transform WinMax part programs to a 3D printed rapid prototype directly on a CNC machine. The 3D print head, which extrudes plastic PLA filament, is a portable accessory powered and controlled by spindle rotation, so there are no wires to install, and it can easily be moved to other Hurco machining centers within a shop.

Supporting the 3D print head adapter is an updated release of Hurco’s WinMax software that lets users develop complex 3D shapes quickly with conversational programming. Once programmed, users select the WinMax 3D Print option to start the build process on their Hurco CNC machines. Alternatively, the model can be sent to a commercial 3D printer.

Hurco Companies Inc.


Annealing, ablating laser

The A-10, a 10W laser marking system, is the newest addition in a line of diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) Nd:YVO4 1,064nm laser marking systems. Expanding upon the technology and components from the current U-series, the A-10 application-focused laser has a specially tuned beam to uniformly distribute energy for optimal annealing and ablating. The A-10 is strong enough to create fast, high-contrast marks on plastics and metals, yet delicate enough to prevent melting or etching on surfaces prone to bacterial contamination.



Compact burnishing tools

Swiss ID burnishing tools by Elliott Tool Technologies are for accurate sizing, low micro-finishing, and surface hardening of ID holes down to 4mm. With the tool body completely inside the tool block, the 5918 series features an adjustment knob protruding from the rear of the tool shank, allowing the burnishing tool size to be adjusted for diameter without removal from the tool block. Improving surface irregularities and tool marks, the tool produces optimum surface finishes of 4Ra to 8Ra in a single pass. This eliminates secondary processes such as grinding, honing, and polishing by automating those processes in the primary CNC machine, saving set-up, processing time, and labor costs while enhancing machinery utilization and shop floor productivity.

Monaghan Tooling Group


Multitasking turning center

The Nakamura-Tome NTRX-300 features a built-in load/unload automation system and advanced operator recognition software.

The turning center features true opposing twin spindles; an 8" A2-6 25hp or a 10" A2-8 30hp. The machine also features a 25hp tool spindle with 12,000rpm, and full 5-axis capabilities, with a Fanuc 31i A5 control and offers a large machining area for application versatility. The NTRX-300 can machine a 10" square on the face of a part, with no C-axis rotation required due to X-axis capability of 5" (125mm) below center travel and a Y-axis capability of 10" (250mm). With a 104ft2 (9.66m2) footprint and weighing 37,480 lb. (17,000kg) for rigidity, the NTRX-300 is available in two models: 8" (203mm) chucks with 2.5" (63.5mm) bar capacity or 10" (250mm) chucks with 3.15" (80mm) bar capacity. Also available is the NTRX-300L with a longer Z-axis.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.


Compressed air system alternative

Jet-Kleen Limited Blow-Off System, an economical alternative to compressed air systems, provides safe and effective removal of residues. The Jet-Kleen Limited uses a blower-driven system to deliver a high volume of air at 1.9psi, providing clean air at low noise levels. Standard features found on the original Jet-Kleen, such as the wall-mount bracket, swivel disconnect, and chip guard, are available as options with the Jet-Kleen Limited, allowing users to select features necessary for their operations.

Specialized Safety Products (SSP)