The MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system, successor to the MarSurf M 300, provides high-precision measurements to test surface roughness on small and large workpieces. Handling more than 1,200 measurements on a single battery charge, the system’s integrated memory can store more than 500,000 measurement results and 1,500 PDF protocols, while an optional Micro SD card slot allows memory expansion to 160 million results.

The 1 lb unit’s adjustable display enables measurements from all positions. It can also be mounted for stationary roughness measuring for small workshops. Users can remove the drive unit from the MarSurf M 310, operating it separately from the display. The drive also incorporates built-in vees to support small diameter parts during the measurement cycle.

Mahr Inc.

Miniature robot coupling

The Vero-S NSR mikro 60 miniature coupling enables rapid pallet exchange with small robots. The 60mm wide module weighs 150g and can provide up to 12N?m (Mx and Mz) max. moments. It’s suitable for reliable pallet handling of up to 5kg (100mm x 100mm max.). Locking is form-fit and self-retaining. For unlocking, 5 bar pneumatic system pressure is sufficient and can be carried out with non-lubricated air. Repeat accuracy amounts to 0.02mm.

To supply clamping devices, the module can be equipped with Schunk standard media transfers for pneumatic pressure, electrics, or fluids.