All-in-one 3D printing adhesives, tailored for Essentium’s and high-speed extrusion (HSE) 3D printing platform, provide manufacturers with a reliable adhesion solution for industrial-scale 3D printing. Essentium worked with Magigoo to improve bed adhesion of different engineering-grade polymers.

Essentium 3D printing bed adhesives engineered by Magigoo are designed to work with heated beds. The adhesives stick the print firmly in place while printing and release the print once the bed has cooled, allowing for consistent and reliable printing without using rafts, tapes, chemicals, or other solutions.

AM PAEK filament optimized for AM

Victrex’ AM 200 filament, developed and optimized for additive manufacturing (AM), is an AM PAEK filament that will first be available from 3D printing equipment supplier Intamsys.

Victrex CEO Jakob Sigurdsson says the AM 200 filament has excellent mechanical properties of PAEK that until now have been difficult to fully realize in 3D-printed parts with options such as PEEK and PEKK.

Intamsys conducted physical and mechanical performance tests on AM 200 using different printers including the smart dual-nozzle Funmat Pro 410 3D printer.

“Our test results to date have shown that the Victrex AM 200 filament has a better interlayer adhesion than other PAEK materials on Intamsys’ machines. Compared to unfilled PEEK, it’s designed with slower crystallization, lower melt temperature, and a viscosity fine-tuned to the filament fusion process, such as easier flow in the build chamber after leaving the nozzle. Higher flow in open air (low shear rates) also promotes interlayer bonding and stability during printing,” says Intamsys Founder and CEO Charles Han. “All of this contributes to an improved interlaminar adhesion, easier printing (less shrink and warp), and better suitability for FDM 3D printing, compared to other similar options.”;