Mikron’s VX high-precision rotary transfer machine is a flexible production system for cost-efficient manufacturing of various batch sizes. The machine can pre-machine directly on wire or bar stock before cut-off and subsequently clamp on pre-machined surfaces. Subsequent operations can then be performed unattended, producing ready-to- assemble components. Maximum workpiece dimensions are 40mm x 40mm x 80mm (40mm x 40mm x 160mm, optional).

Mikron Corp. Monroe
SOUTHTEC 2019 Booth #1738


  • ±2µm table positioning
  • Torque motor for accuracy with thermo-stabilization
  • Double table bearing for high stiffness
  • Rigid construction, short force lines circuit
  • In-process measurement detects reference areas, drill holes, contours
  • Stable cutting tool coolant within ±1°C
  • Up to 22 machining units working simultaneously (2 per station)
  • Up to 3 spindles per station; can be configured horizontally, vertically, tangentially, and angular
  • 0.40 seconds table indexing
  • High-performance spindles