Pictured, (L to R), at the grand opening of the Mahr Regional Customer Center in Wixom, Michigan, are Ryan Cram, Oakland County economic development manager; Brett Green, CEO, president, and VP sales Americas, Mahr Inc.; Wixom Mayor Richard Ziegler; Carl Mahr, board of directors member (family founded Mahr); and Manuel Hüsken, CSO – managing director, management board.

Located in Wixom, Michigan, just west of Detroit, Mahr Inc.’s newest Midwest Regional Customer Center recently celebrated its grand opening. Mahr’s President, CEO, and VP of Sales, America, Brett Green offered some industry insight and thoughts on the company’s new facilities.

“These customer centers will play a key role as we continue to roll out a regional structure focusing on being local to our customers,” Green says.

With a portfolio of more than 16,000 products, not every Mahr device is relevant to every location. “We made a decision based on what each region looks like, along with its culture, in determining where to open customer service centers,” Green explains. “We have a facility in Erlanger, Kentucky, that has been open for about 10 years. There’s one in Cypress California. We recently opened one in Greenville, South Carolina, and with the addition of this location, we now have one that is close for our Canadian customers. In addition, we have a partner we are collaborating with for a facility in the Pacific Northwest.”

Advanced manufacturing industries have strict quality guidelines for everything. By having facilities closer to customers, Mahr can help them learn the range of inspection tools available.

“Some customers may only know Mahr instruments at the end of the production line in a controlled environment such as an inspection room,” Green notes. “Connecting with customers in regional facilities enables us to educate them about what’s available and find the right approach for their production process.”