Haimer's Microset UNO Autofocus automatically focuses on the cutting edge for quick measurement, delivering ±2µm repeatability and 2µm spindle runout. The system includes 4° x 90° and 3° x 120° motor-driven indexing, Edgefinder, release-by-touch, spindle brake, vacuum clamp, a cabinet with storage for 6 adapters, and a 10-point touch screen.

Haimer USA
Southtec 2019 Booth #1629

Updated control panel

Eldorado gundrilling machine’s control panels feature improved hardware and software. The larger screen provides for larger graphics and easier-to-read menus, and touchscreen capabilities improve menu navigation. A keypad replaces pushbuttons, making the panel more durable and easier to use in a shop floor setting.

The control also features CNC G-Code programming capability so customers can write their own programs, improving machine flexibility with variable feeds & speeds, drilling peck cycles, and dwell times. An external keyboard connects via USB.

The control is available as a retrofit for existing Eldorado gundrilling machines.

Kays Engineering Inc.
Southtec 2019 Booth #1708

CAD/CAM suite offers smoother surfaces

hyperMILL 2019.2 updates improve high-precision 3D finishing, 5-axis tangent machining, high-performance turning, and CAD-for-CAM technologies.

The 3D shape Z-level finishing cycle offers a high precision surface mode option for ultra-smooth surfaces with tolerances in the micron range. A smooth overlap function manages transition regions for steep and shallow machining with a small overlap, including a slightly lifted cutter, resulting in perfect finishes.

The hyperCAD-S global fitting function integrates directly into the CAM strategy for 5-axis tangent machining and multiple faces can combine into one with a controlled ISO orientation. Dedicated CAD utilities streamline CAM programming and provide tested, proven methodologies.

Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.
Southtec 2019 Booth #1734

Swiss-type automatic lathe

The SX-38’s Swiss-type, slant-bed, automatic lathe delivers rigidity for turret-mounted tooling. The servo-driven B-axis is for positioning or surfacing difficult- to-generate designs, while axis-unit support on both ends enables heavier cuts with fine finishes. When a part doesn’t require a guide bushing, it can be removed to allow for a maximum machining diameter of 42mm.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.
Southtec 2019 Booth #809