The US Digital MD3 programmable microstepping motor can drive motors from NEMA size 14 to 42. It accepts 9VDC to 50VDC power inputs and is rated for currents up to 7A continuous duty.

In addition to digital input controls, the MD3 can be configured and controlled using the open Modbus RTU protocol with RS485 bus. Users can change settings, including the number of microsteps per full step, acceleration/deceleration rates, speed, and current cutback with an on-board interface.

The design supports multiple MD3 units on the same RS485 bus, allows for programmable motion profiles, and has a brushed DC motor speed control mode.

Linear actuators

SKF Ecomag linear actuators offer safe and precise power-driven movement and positioning of medical procedure tables and chairs.

Standard Ecomag actuators can be supplied in:

  • Push models ECO 2/4 and ECO 6/8
  • Push/pull models ECO 3/5 and ECO 7/9

The actuators deliver push-load force up to 6,000N (1,348 lb) and pull-load force up to 4,000N (899 lb) stroke ranges up to 300mm (12"), and positioning speeds up to 13mm/s (0.5ips). All versions have built-in limit switches. Encoder signals can be specified for additional positioning.

Control units mount directly on the actuator’s housing to eliminate separate control-box installation, reduce set-up complexity, and optimize available space


OEM designers can specify control units, including plug-in types to accommodate up to four actuators.