JCT-Series coolant-through toolholders for machining small parts are available for turning, external grooving, and cut-off applications, capable of pressure up to 20MPa.


Screw Clamp-JCT turning holders feature a double-coolant hole design to deliver ample coolant to the tool edge. The coolant streams steadily toward the rake surface of the insert for chip control and long tool life.

KTKF-JCT external grooving holders for small parts cut-off applications also feature a double-coolant hole design, discharging coolant toward the rake surface of the insert from multiple angles to help break chips into small pieces and suppress insert wear.

KGBF-JCT cut-off holders for small part grooving applications direct coolant closer to the cutting edge with a narrow coolant spread discharged from the top of the insert. This coolant hole placement allows sufficient coolant between the chip breaker and chips, resulting in smaller chips and longer tool life.

Kyocera Precision Tools



Turning: Screw Clamp JCT

Double coolant holes provide coolant toward the insert’s cutting edge surface


External grooving: KGBF-JCT

Provides coolant toward the insert’s rake surface

Edge width: 0.25mm to 3.00mm

Ground chip breaker/ GL chip breaker

Max. depth: 3.00mm

Cut-off: KTKF-JCT

Discharges coolant in three directions toward rake surface of insert (two holes toward insert’s rake face, one hole toward the flank face)

TKF12 (5mm to 12mm max. machining dia.), TKF16 (16mm max. machining dia.)