Laser PCD-processing machine

The Neo Laser roughing machine for pre-processing polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), and other super-hard materials delivers short cycle times, low acquisition and production costs, and Industry 4.0 technology.

The machine processes braced-on PCD tips, including relief angles, to near-net shape within a few hundredths of 1mm of the final IC dimension. Chip-breakers can be processed into the PCD, as can non-standard, super-hard materials for indexable inserts. Operators can program the machine to use all six axes in a workable volume of 5cm3.

Additional features include process and measuring options, clamping system for complex geometries, and a patent-pending method that eliminates insufficient thermal stability.

An integrated exhaust air filter and cooling system makes it compact, ergonomic, and easily installed or moved. The only needed connections are power and computer networking.

Agathon USA

Grip force software

The Digital Grip Force Kit Analyzer Software and kit for Windows harvests, measures, and analyzes grip force data from workholding equipment for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT or IoT), MTConnect, and Industry 4.0. The software begins collecting, measuring, and outputting static and dynamic grip force data, outputting testing data in spreadsheets and charts. The data can be shared for a range of IIoT or MTConnect systems, improving machine shop productivity, safety, maintenance, and throughput.

Compromised or incorrect grip force can cause slippage or part deformation. Parts not secured in the chuck can reduce machining speeds, create scrap, and limit productivity.

By measuring and analyzing grip force data, engineers can decide to improve or replace inefficient workholding systems and identify proper maintenance schedules that can extend equipment life. Collected data is also useful for retrieval of setup information for future operation, workholding testing, and diagnostics.

Kitagawa North-Tech Inc.

Live turret tools

A complete range of live turret tools are available for the Haas BMT Turret, including a variety of driven tools (axial and radial drilling & milling heads) as well as static tool holders. Also available are specialty tools for this turret including multi-spindle, adjustable angle, and speed multipliers.

Heimatec Inc.