A 22mm diameter motor features an energy efficient coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit. The 22DCT motor can reach a continuous torque up to 13.29mNm at a length of 32mm.

The 22DCT motor has the lowest motor regulation (R/K2) compared to similar motors in the market, meaning it has a lower drop in speed at increasing loads.

The 22DCT is available with precious metal and graphite commutation systems with neodymium magnets inside and with a restriction of electro erosion coil (REE) that prolongs motor life and provides safety at high speed conditions.


Linear mechanicals, robust motors, on-board electronics

Lexium MDrive (LMD) linear actuators deliver clean, quiet linear motion to a wide range of applications. LMD linear actuators integrate NEMA size 17 and 23 1.8° two-phase stepper motors with an external threaded lead screw. This screw is integral to the motor’s rotor, rotating to move a nut attached to a load axially along the threaded shaft.

Integrated LMD linear products may include fully programmable motion controllers, encoders, and closed-loop performance. Available communication protocols include EtherNet/IP, Profinet, ModbusTCP, CANopen, and serial RS-422/485.

Schneider Electric Motion USA

Absolute linear encoders, several interface options

Two families of absolute linear encoders to fit into tight spaces – LAK and KIT LA – are non-contact encoders offering several types of electrical interfaces, including EnDat 2.2 with analog signals. This interface allows motion stage manufacturers to use absolute position values and analog position values for different purposes.

LAK scanning units have a shielded housing while the KIT LA scanning units are a sensor with an optional frame; both have two scanning fields for contamination resistance. The Endat 2.2 versions are capable of resolving down to 10µm resolution at a velocity of 10m/sec. Other available interfaces include BISS C, SSI, and a HIPERFACE-compatible option.

The steel scale substrate in the encoders comes in Singleflex or Doubleflex mounting options at a measuring length up to 1.2m. On each scale, two periodic random code (PRC) tracks are inverted with respect to each other and arranged in parallel to a centered incremental track with a 20µm grating period. The two PRC tracks allow the scanning unit to measure the yaw angle. The scales are sold at an accuracy of ±3µm/m.

Numerik Jena, available from Heidenhain Corp.

PICMG open standards

PICMG’s brochure provides a quick overview of the organization’s goals, achievements, specifications, and more. PICMG open standards are used in a wide range of high-performance industrial applications. Also covered are new concepts for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and in-process specifications.

Differences between an open source definition and an open specification are illustrated. As an open standards group, PICMG’s specifications allow members and end-users to develop product configurations and features that are mechanically and electrically interoperable.