The DA300 5-axis vertical machining center is suitable for single setup, multi-side accessibility, or full-contouring of complex production parts. It features an integrated 340mm x 300mm worktable that can accommodate workpieces up to 450mm x 400mm and up to 250kg. Providing X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels of 450mm, 620mm, and 500mm at feed rates of up to 60,000mm/min., the DA300’s direct-drive, motor-driven A-axis table offers 150° (+30° to -120°) of tilt capability at 100rpm. The rotary C-axis has 360° rotational positioning at 150rpm.

The VMC comes standard with a 20,000rpm HSK-A63 spindle capable of 1.4 sec. acceleration and deceleration. Standard configuration includes a 60-position ring-type tool magazine with capacity for a variety of tooling as well as a vision-type broken-tool sensor to verify the integrity of the tooling prior to use.

Fanuc hardware and Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS simplify machine setup, while cycle-time saving and dynamic-control capabilities on the control’s GI functions lower costs per part. Also included is GI Drilling, a G-code cycle enabling the spindle and tool to arc from hole to hole instead of following a square path, reducing non-cut time by as much as 15% on common hole-pattern drilling. On complex 2D paths, testing has reduced cut time up to 35%. While not every tool uses these functions, advanced motion control GI can reduce cycle time by 3% to 8% in typical production components.

Other intelligent machine functions include Inertia Active Control (IAC), designed to speed machine motions based upon system dynamic attributes; and Collision Safe Guard (CSG), a real-time crash-avoidance feature that has a look-ahead function and takes real machining conditions into consideration to prevent collisions.