5-axis CNC grinder

The 325linear 5-axis CNC grinder has extended X- and Y-axis movement plus two auxiliary slides for workpiece clamping and improved grinding wheel guidance. Micro tools, gun drills, hob cutters, and complex geometries can be accommodated on the machine, which operates from 2,500rpm to 4,000rpm. The second auxiliary slide enables the 325linear to use tool guidance, part support, tailstock, or workpiece pallets in operation.

On the A-axis, users can install collet chucks, hydraulic expansion chucks, or multi-range chucks. With the automated collet changer, workpieces with different diameters can be clamped with high concentricity in the unmanned loader station. The A-axis configuration also permits position-oriented clamping of non-rotationally symmetrical workpieces, so sequential workpieces with various roughing and finishing requirements can be preset on the machine for continuous processing.

The grinding system offers scalable automation, with optional 140-position tool changer, 5, 12, or 24 grinding wheel magazine, and a flexible robotic tool gripper for changing small micro tools.

The 325linear features a universal rotation A-axis with <0.0001° resolution concentricity and pitch accuracy, while the X-, Y-, and Z-axis resolution is maintained at <0.1µm. The swiveling C-axis for the grinding head has a 225° range of motion with <0.0001° resolution accuracy. The primary motor spindle operates up to 12,000rpm with 15kW max. drive output, while the grinding spindle option affords a max. speed of 24,000rpm. Linear axis travel on the machine is (X-Y-Z) 480mm x 250mm x 275mm.



cDD dressers certified to micro-precision tolerances

The radius form tolerance of cDD Diamond Dressers can be certified accurate to within ±0.001mm, making them suitable for the CNC truing and sharpening of grinding wheels used in manufacturing applications with form tolerances as tight as 2µm. The cDD dressing tools’ structure incorporates high-quality CVD diamond inserts strategically embedded within Meister’s hDD porous hybrid-bond matrix.

Meister Abrasives


Air chuck jaws

A line of air chuck jaws, including style M and style R, are machined for accuracy with the pins serving as a locator for precise repeatability and fast installation. Available as blank-top jaws in 1018 steel or 6061 aluminum, or pie-shaped jaws using A360 or 6061 aluminum, plus 1018 steel, they are for all types of air chucks including Kitagawa, Northfield, and Microcentric brands. While air chuck jaws may appear the same, significant performance differences exist due to manufacturers’ selected standards and the manufacturing process used to achieve them.

Dillon Mfg. Inc.


Deep-hole thread milling

Vargus’ TMSD thread mill system now includes two extensions:

Full profile inserts – for ISO metric, American UN, NPT, and American buttress standards

Vertical inserts – for partial profile 60°, partial profile 55°, Trapez, and stub Acme

Full profile inserts extend tool life by providing optimal nose radius for specific pitches. They are available in IC sizes: 5"L, 1/4"U, 3/8"U, 1/2"U, provide good surface finish, and full-profile inserts use the same TMSD toolholders as partial profile inserts.

Vertical inserts have a smaller cutting diameter and three flutes for faster machining of small applications (min. D2=10.5mm, 0.41"), extend tool life by providing reinforced support for the insert cutting corner, have standard coolant-thru, and the toolholders can also be used in the Groovex line.

Vertical inserts are compatible with steel Weldon shank carbide cylindrical shank toolholders, and the line is supported by the Vargus GENius tool selector and CNC program generator.

Vargus USA


CNC turning center family

The Talent 42 and 51 family of CNC turning centers offer accuracy, flexibility, and durability in a compact design. The collet-ready main- and sub-spindle design increases part accuracy and improves surface finish. The Talent series offers two separate base structures (short and standard bed lengths), and features a one-piece cast iron base, heavy-duty roller linear guideways, and ball screws. Standard features include through-tool and headwall air/coolant for both main- and sub-spindles, foot switches, chip conveyor interface, bar feed interface, air hose with an air gun, and Fanuc Oi TF CNC control.

Hardinge Inc.