X-ray, CT imaging services, equipment

Digital real-time X-ray (DR) and computed tomography (CT) tools ensure quality products, investigate failures, and assist in product development for medical devices that include miniature, complex features.

Avonix Imaging’s technologically advanced non-destructive X-ray imaging systems are available with 2D DR and 3D CT, and systems are suitable for various critical industries.

Common uses are for failure analysis, product development, metrology, and first-article inspection (FAI). Typical products inspected are pulse generators, pacemakers, catheters, needles and syringes, surgical staples, leads, and orthopedic implants.

Avonix Imaging Services provides X-ray imaging to organizations requiring immediate or supplemental X-ray inspection, allowing views inside products without opening, disassembling, cutting, or contaminating parts.

Avonix Imaging

High-penetration drilling system

The T-A Pro drill combines material-specific insert geometries, a redesigned drill body, and a proprietary coolant-through system to increase penetration rates up to 30%. Coolant outlets direct maximum flow to the cutting edge, providing quick heat extraction where it’s most critical. Material-specific insert geometries form consistent chips, and the drill body’s redesigned straight flutes maximize coolant flow and rigidity. These elements combine to extend tool life, create consistent quality holes, and provide superior chip evacuation. The T-A Pro drill’s spade drill increases speed and reduces cost per hole by an average 25% compared to existing drills.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Fully tool-changeable electric spindles

The iSpeed5 System – a fully tool changeable, electric, high-speed motor/spindle – is a 350W, brushless DC electric system available in 60,000rpm or 80,000rpm. A specially designed connection under the machine spindle prevents coolant, chips, dust, and machining debris from contaminating the stop block, and there is no need for operator intervention to connect or disconnect. The iSpeed5 enables high-speed and micro-machining for short or long periods, as well as lights out manufacturing.

The iSpeed5 features ultra-precision ceramic bearings for high-speed performance and less than 1µm (0.00004") TIR spindle accuracy for all micro-milling, drilling, and grinding applications. Various tapers are available.

Its control unit features a motor protection system and an input/output interface to communicate with the CNC controller. The Handy Controller enables hand-held operation from a distance, featuring the same buttons and functions as the main controller, including speed adjustment, reverse, and reset should the controller be mounted remotely. The iSpeed5 Stop Block integrates with the iSpeed5 controller for automatic tool change. A variety of generic and custom stop blocks are available for all machine models.

NSK America Corp.