12-station rotary transfer machine

The Eclipse 12-100, a 12-station rotary transfer machine offers multiple tool spindles in a single footprint integrated with a single chip management and coolant system.

A one-piece, 2m heavy-duty, ductile cast-iron machine base ensures accuracy and repeatability for the electric servo and quill-type tool spindles.

The bar-fed collet version of the Eclipse 12-100 has a maximum workpiece diameter of 65mm (2.5") and features a maximum workpiece length of 180mm (7") with 127mm (5") of material outside the collet.

Its cut-off saw features bar and workpiece spacing prior to saw blade retraction after the cut, moving the saw blade away from the workpiece in the collet and the bar stock away from the blade – eliminating blade dragging during the saw’s return to home position. A two-speed drive motor with belt reduction yields a highly accurate cut, and the saw uses 360mm diameter carbide-brazed saw blades.

The units use HSK 50 toolholders, are direct-drive powered by Fanuc ailT6/12000HV motors with KTR GS38 couplers. The motor continuous rating is 5.5kW at 7.4hp with a 30-minute rating of 7.5kW at 10hp. It has dual windings and pumps out 35.0Nm at low speeds and 13.2Nm at high speeds.

Hydromat Inc.

Low-maintenance, lightweight delta robot

Designed to introduce automation to small- and medium-sized businesses, delta robot is a simple solution for assembly tasks. The low-maintenance, lightweight robotic assembly uses igus components and includes a maintenance-free, toothed-belt drive; lubrication-free linkage; encoders and stepper motors; and optional drive controllers. The unit can be delivered pre-assembled or assembled on-site in about 30 minutes.

The robot is based on three maintenance- free drylin ZLW toothed-belt actuators, lubrication-free igubal spherical bearings, and other lightweight components. NEMA stepper motors and encoders ensure quick handling of up to ±0.5mm.


Radio transmission scanning probe

The WRSP60 high-accuracy scanning probe checks part profiles directly on machining centers and milling machines in real-time – without being transferred to a measurement lab – eliminating reloading and repositioning of parts for reworking, improving processes and optimizing cycle times.

WRSP60 probes can:

  • Check part profile quality
  • Compensate for part misalignment
  • Check for surface deformation
  • Input compensation information to cutting programs
  • Compare to the master
  • Check runout
  • Enable touch for part positioning

The system transmits data via radio to a WRI receiver, using a communication protocol that is immune to interference and reduces power consumption. Its multi-channel system enables the receiver to manage up to 12 systems sequentially, including Marposs WRS part contact probes. Software collects, analyzes, and displays data.

Marposs Corp.