Open Mind Technologies has joined Partners in THINC, a collaborative network established by Okuma America Corp. to develop machining technologies using open architecture OSP-P controls. Open Mind’s hyperMILL CAM solution with 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis milling and turning strategies, as well as specialty applications, are available in one interface. Okuma and Open Mind collaborate on 4- and 5-axis projects using multi-function mill-turn and hybrid technology on Okuma machine tools, improving precision, reliability, quality, and productivity.

“With the introduction of Okuma’s new Laser EX product line, our partnership with Open Mind will further expand the tools and resources available for our respective customers,” says Wade Anderson, director, Partners in THINC.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Okuma and the members of Partners in THINC to bring the most advanced, integrated solutions to manufacturers,” states Alan Levine, managing director, Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.

Photo courtesy of Suhner

Suhner’s N. American tool repair center

Located on the company campus in Rome, Georgia, Suhner’s North American Tool Repair Center has increased its footprint by 50% to support repair functions and equipment, training facilities, and a test area.

The factory service center repairs spindles, multiple spindle heads, slides, and live tooling and will soon service rotary index tables for CNC machines. Suhner also repairs its line of abrasive power tools and competitive brands of spindles, multi-heads, and live tooling.

Suhner has added personnel for customer service and onsite training in operations and maintenance of Suhner automated tooling equipment and other products in the line.

Heat exchanger cleaning process

Clogged heat exchangers in vacuum furnaces impede quench gas flow, resulting in reduced work cooling rates. Solar Atmospheres’ cleaning process combines a 12-hour water-based cleaning agent submersion with recirculated forced waterjets blowing accumulated dirt out from deep inside the heat exchanger. Exchangers are pressure washed, blown dry with nitrogen gas, and returned to the user in as-new condition.

Website showcases Swiss-style CNC machines

Nomura’s Swiss-style turning machines incorporate hand-scraped ways, dovetailed slides, large ball screws, and heavy bases in all models. The company’s website navigates through 13 machine models and includes content explaining construction details, addressing Swiss machining for lights-out production and advantages of sliding headstock machines.