The DZ08 FX Precision+ vertical, twin-spindle, 5-axis machining center includes contact-free linear direct drives in X, Y, and Z, bringing spindles to optimum feed rates faster and increasing traverse rates.

Direct path measuring systems in all axes maximize precision. Two 14kW water-cooled milling spindles accelerate to 40,000rpm in 1.9 seconds. In rapid feed, they reach a speed of 75m/min (X, Y) and 100m/min (Z), generating chip-to-chip times of about 3.0 seconds and a tool change in about 0.8 seconds. The unit can be equipped with a 2-axis rotary tilt table for 5-axis machining.

The compact DZ08 FX Precision+ can be supplemented with the automation solution Variocell Uno, a double-gripper robot and workpiece storage and handling system occupying less than 1m2. The system enables loading and unloading during machining; up to 12 raw part pallets can be included in the Variocell.

Chiron America