Automation software

Sinumerik CNC software release 4.8 compensates for unwanted axis-nodding movements and protects against machine, tool, and workpiece collisions. Nodding compensation (NoCo) adjusts for dynamic position deviations in one or more linear machine axes caused by acceleration processes. NoCo compensates for the dominant position deviation by initiating a corrective movement in the relevant machine axis, enabling improved machining quality simultaneously with higher jerk and acceleration values. NoCo is available in the Eco variant for dominant acceleration effects in which the compensation axis is combined with one influencing variable, and the Advanced variant for several compensation axes.

Release 4.8 also comes with advanced collision protection. The Eco version enables simple, reliable machine protection by preventing collisions of the machine body with its own components within the work area. The Advanced variant includes full machine, tool, and workpiece protection. Software provided by Sinumerik product partner ModuleWorks runs via an interface integrated on an external PC and works with the Sinumerik CNC in real-time to ensure that the machine, tool, and workpiece can be continuously monitored and are dynamically protected during stock removal. Workpiece and tool data is made available to the system during setup. Collision Avoidance provides a permanent, high level of safety during operation.


Linear drive tool grinder

The TX7 Linear 37kW (49hp) peak power, direct-drive spindle with BigPlus arbor handles 3mm diameter endmills to 400mm long drills or a 300mm diameter face cutter rigidly mounted, for heavy grinding. The unit is equipped with the Anca Motion AMC5 CNC with touchscreen user interface.

Anca LinX linear motors are used for X-, Y-, and Z- axes. Linear scales help achieve a high level of machine precision and performance with no loss of machine accuracy due to wear, and they are not affected by shop temperature variations. The LinX linear motor offers higher axis speed and acceleration and smooth axis motion for reduced cycle times.


Modular line threading, grooving system

Designed for internal threading and grooving applications, the Carmex Modular Line (ML) uses a single boring bar that can be fitted with multiple adapters offering accuracy, easy adjustment, and full repeatability. Coated with abrasive-resistant nickel, the ML adapters can be used with all Carmex standard thread turning inserts sizes 16mm, 22mm, and 27mm. The 16mm grooving inserts fit the MLR-L 16-32 and MLR-L 16-40 adapters.


Benchtop vision system

The HVR100-FLIP delivers accurate field of vision (FOV) measurements up to 90mm (3.65”). The system’s measuring orientation is easily changed from vertical to horizontal and back within minutes. With a 24” LCD touch-screen monitor, a 348mm x 165mm (13.7” x 6.5”) stationary top plate, and 165mm (6.5”) optics travel with a motorized power drive, the FLIP accommodates a range of part sizes.

The main operator interface of the FLIP displays a live video image with software measurement tools and graphical digital reading of measurements. MetLogix M3 software includes 2D geometric functions such as points, lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, distances, slots, angles and skew, and use of the part design DXF/CAD overlay simplifies part inspection.

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