JobShop Cell PRO is a new standard automation solution featuring the RoboDrill D21SiBadv vertical machining center series. It incorporates a main enclosure with several pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.

JobShop Cell PRO features an industrial grade, articulating Fanuc 6-axis robot in a versatile aluminum enclosure which allows the RoboDrill to be placed on the left or right side, or in a twin cell with two side-by-side RoboDrill machines with a Fanuc robot entering from the side of each machine, giving operators full, open access to the front of the RoboDrills for tool changes, off-sets, and maintenance. Removable panels on the common enclosure allow for different infeed and outfeed options including conveyors, drawers, lazy susan-style pallet systems, as well as interfaces for vibratory and other bulk feeding solutions.

The compact, high-speed RoboDrill D21SiBadv offers multi-axis simultaneous machining with a 10,000rpm or 24,000rpm BBT-30 spindle. With a 3-, 4-, or 5-axis configured RoboDrill, varied standard hydraulic or pneumatic workholding systems can be used. The RoboDrill features 1.3 second chip-to-chip tool change and 1.5g acceleration/deceleration. A Fanuc 31i-B5 Nano CNC controller provides high-speed FSSB processing.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.