Mastercam Mill developments

Expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation, Mastercam Mill has additional enhancements to improve shop floor productivity. Some highlights include:

Controlling Climb and Conventional Cutting for morph, parallel, unified, project curve, and flow toolpaths provides constant control even while in complex areas that require use of both sides of the tool.

The 3+2 Automatic Roughing continuously makes multi-plane 3-axis toolpaths automatically for roughing for roughing until only a defined amount of stock remains, and results are contained within one toolpath.

Multiaxis Roughing, now Multiaxis Pocketing, includes options such as undercut roughing, wall finishing, and floor finishing. It provides greater control of the tool contract point and machining angle when using Accelerated Finishing tools.


Unified Multiaxis toolpath allows users to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern. Using those geometry choices, the toolpath picks the best algorithm to calculate the path.

The 3D High Speed Blend toolpath keeps passes equidistant in 3D by adding cuts in steep areas, with the ability to set the exact number of cutting passes, reverse cutting direction, confining curves to tool tip or tool contact point, and two new cut method options.

New, Advanced Drill is a customizable multi-segment drill cycle for spot drilling, deep hole drilling, and back spot facing. Each drill cycle segment can be defined in a table, and for each segment users can customize conditions.

Chamfer Drill uses tools with a tip angle and chamfers holes after calculating the correct depth based on the desired width or depth.

CNC Software Inc.

Micro-invasive pressure sensor

IntraSense micro-invasive pressure sensors can be integrated into existing equipment and are engineered to retrieve complex pressure measurements in changing environments inside the body.

The sensor adds the pressure function into existing equipment while maintaining the same catheter and tube size. Historically, it’s been difficult to attach a cable to a sensor of this size, however, through extensive effort, TE has automated this process to allow the IntraSense cable to be pre-attached.

IntraSense key features include:

Miniature footprint – Sensor die measures 750µm × 220µm × 75µm; can fit into the smallest tubes and needles (1-French); allows design flexibility, enabling smaller, lighter, more ergonomic equipment with easier navigation, access to the body with lower injury risk

Accurate point-of-use measurement – Micro-invasive pressure sensor enables point-of-use pressure measurement providing real-time data to the physician; typical drift of <2mm Hg absolute maximum per 24 hours allows for accurate pressure sensing anywhere in the anatomy

Easy integration – Flexibly mounts on the tip or side of a catheter or needle; allows for direct contact with the bodily fluids without further encapsulation; resistive MEMS technology, encapsulated wire/pad junctions for easier integration

Optional lightshield – For reducing light sensitivity by 4x, creating a high level of accuracy even in tight spaces

Comprehensive design & biocompatibility – Can be used without additional gel; no embrittlement during sterilization or exposed metal on the sensing element.

TE Connectivity


Artificial intelligence-enabled fiber lasers

GX-F Advanced series fiber lasers, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), are easy to use for any operator. By integrating advanced gas reduction technology, the GX-F Advanced series delivers more power while using up to 77% less nitrogen.

To significantly reduce setup time, the Mitsubishi zoom head delivers speed and flexibility by automatically changing the beam size, shape, and focal point for each material, with the ability to process plates with a wide range of thicknesses. Piercing time is reduced by as much as 60%, making it possible to pierce 25mm mild steel within 0.8 seconds.

AI technology monitors the cutting process in real time with audio and light sensors, automatically adjusting parameters to optimize cutting performance.

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