Precision leveling system

SP Pro Twist by Status Pro can help install, move, and align CNC machine tools. Offering precision measurements to 1µm, it consists of two µLevel Spirit Levels using Bluetooth to communicate to an Android-based smartphone or Windows- based PC for fast, efficient measurement of straightness and parallelism. The device can also provide simultaneous measurement of pitch and roll, as well as differential measurement.

The system can be used as a standalone instrument, or with advanced software that guides the user through each step, documenting results. Each µLevel can be used independently or together, with one unit serving as a continuous reference.

The SP ProTwist system comes with Proline Software for linear guide alignment for professional analysis and evaluation, producing graphics output in .pdf format. Reports can also be exported in .csv format for more detailed analysis. When combined with a laser distance meter (D140), the system works automatically; start the measurement, stop at a certain position, values are captured, the 3D chart is updated with new measurements.

Centric Int’l Inc.

Solvent dispenser

The DS-Vision advanced solvent dispenser reliably bonds medical tubing, improving quality and lowering the rate of non-compliant plastic bonded products. The built-in quality control system ensures operators are properly following each production step through the use of visual and sound cues. In addition, downloadable production metrics help managers control and evaluate post-production outcomes, and inform future production planning.

DS-Vision’s full-color touchscreen display provides real-time productivity information for solvent dispensing.


Cleanroom SCARA robot

The TS2-60 Stericlean selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) robot has a cylindrical envelope and small footprint for easy integration into existing processes, offering flexible mounting options and Joint Combiné Stäubli (JCS) drive technology.

Features include:
  • Fully enclosed structure; connections through base
  • Cleanroom design with special seals, surface treatments
  • Compatible with vaporized, liquid H2O2 decontamination processes (up to 35% of H2O2)
  • Proprietary JCS gearboxes
  • IP67 certified wrist
  • Digital encoders for higher availability, performance
  • Designed for ISO Class 4 cleanroom environments

Stäubli North America