Enhanced chucker-convertible Swiss CNC lathe

The Tsugami S206-II; 20mm, 6-axis opposed gang tool Swiss CNC lathe’s modular tooling layout can handle up to 24 live tools, delivering advanced capability and rapid changeover. The S206-II CNC lathe features a Y-axis tool post for complex part machining using the main- and back-spindle simultaneously.

The lathe is chucker convertible, can run as a traditional sliding headstock Swiss turn using the guide bushing or without the guide bushing with an optional chucker kit. When run as a chucker, the CNC lathe can use drawn bar stock instead of centerless ground stock, reducing remnant size and increasing shop flexibility.

Advancements include large linear guides, a 3-toggle clamping system, and extra ribbing under the spindles, which come with powerful milling spindle motors that increase cross milling and drilling features. The 8-station driven back-working block maximizes capability for parts with complex features and chucker conversion kits.

The machine is also available in the 5-axis version, the Tsugami S205-II.

Tsugami/Rem Sales


  • Max. bar stock: 20mm
  • Axes: 6
  • Max. headstock stroke w/guide bushing: 210mm, 9.84"
  • Max. headstock stroke w/o guide bushing: 45mm, 1.77"
  • Tool positions (std/max): 33/47
  • Live tool positions (std/max): 15/24
  • Main/sub-spindle speeds: 200rpm to 10,000rpm
  • Live tool speed: 10,000rpm
  • Main spindle motor: 2.2kW/3.7kW

Flexbase modular work cell

The Flexbase standardized modular automation cell can easily integrate with robotics, vision, and lasers, replacing repetitive manual operations and enabling manufacturers to quickly start medical equipment production. Flexible, scalable, and cleanroom ISO 8 compliant, Flexbase systems can be configured as standalone, automated workstations with manual loading and unloading, or linked together via conveyors to quickly create automated assembly lines.

The cell features either a 48" x 40" or 72" x 40" welded steel frame base and a 37" high aluminum top plate ready to be fitted with custom tooling or fixturing. Each standard system comes with an upper and lower conveyor with stop and blocked sensors and pallets with nests that conform to almost any product. Standard systems can be quickly modified per specific application needs.

Featuring Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix controls and 24VDC power supply, Flexbase is fully wired with all safety features in place. The electrical enclosure has space for motion controllers and drives, robot controllers, PCs, or other larger devices. Options are also available for adding pallet stops and sensors, lift and locate, barcode scanners, and elevators for recirculating pallets.

Tooling Technology Group

Expanded Penta Cut line

The Penta Cut Line for precision grooving, groove turn, recessing, and threading operations provides economic advantages with the 5-edged (pentagonal) design in the Penta 24, Penta 34, and Penta IQ inserts. The Penta 17 insert expands this technology. With a maximum grooving depth capability of 4mm, the inserts are available in 0.010" to 0.125" widths, with different edge configurations for parting, grooving, turning, recessing, and threading.

The insert features high indexing repeatability for five cutting edges with edge indexing enabled from both tool sides. The smaller insert head is shorter, enabling easy access to various precision machines with smaller working envelopes. The clamping pocket design enhances high accuracy and rigidity. The inserts come in a 10-piece box that can be split into two compartments so five inserts can be ordered at a time.

Iscar Metals Inc