Laser marking technology

LazerMed biocompatible laser marking technology offers high-resolution, durable printing for plastic materials used in medical devices such as tubing, catheter shafts, labware, and medical equipment. The LazerMed pigments provide a versatile printing platform for most plastic materials, including transparent and opaque materials, and weather durable pigments are available for high temperature applications and have passed USP Class VI testing for biocompatibility.

The contact-free process provides fast, eco-friendly (no solvents) printing, without pre-treated substrates. Laser-marking pigments are melt-blended into the polymer during compounding, so consumables (inks) are not required. There is no effect on the sterilization process and pigments can be added to a polymer as a masterbatch, resulting in a permanent solution for injection molded, extruded, and blow-molded components.

Foster Corp.

Bench oven

The No. 983 electrically-heated 550°F bench oven with 3kW installed Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements is used for curing medical instruments. Workspace dimensions are 26" x 22" x 16".

The oven has 3" insulated walls, a Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior, and a #4 brushed finish stainless steel exterior. The rear wall of the oven has two 13" x 4" access slots with insulated covers. An 8" x 10" double-pane Pyrex window and an interior light allow easy viewing access.

Controls on the No. 983 oven include recording and programming temperature controllers and a recirculating blower.

The Grieve Corp.