Sinamics S210 converters, designed specifically for use with the Simotics S-1FK2 motors, create a servo drive system offering from 50W to 750W. The converters feature integrated safety functions and enable rapid engineering via motion technology objects in Simatic S7-1500 controllers. They connect to higher-level controllers via Profinet and are quickly programmed by automatic motor parameterization and one-button tuning.

Sinamics S210 is commissioned using an integrated web server. One-button tuning allows automatic optimization of control parameters, based on the behavior of connected mechanics by different dynamic levels.

Integrated safety functions include safe torque off (STO) and safe stop 1 (SS1). Both can be actuated using Profisafe, STO using an additional terminal. Sinamics S210 rapid sampling and smart control algorithms, high-grade encoder system on the Simotics 1FK2 motors, and a combination of low rotor inertia and high overload capability achieves performance and precision.

Simotics 1FK2 motors are connected to converters using a one-cable connection (OCC) that includes power conductors, encoder signal, and brake, grouped in a 9mm diameter cable. Its minimal cross-section makes the OCC cable thinner, lighter, and more flexible than previous power cables, resulting in a single motor plug connector and simple connection.