Mill/turn machining center for medium- to high-production

The ICON 6-150 features four machining stations and two dedicated loading/ unloading stations. It uses a 6-position table to shuttle pallets to four machining modules for fast, precise cutting. Each machining module is equipped with a cartridge-style motor spindle, and each spindle type is selected based on the required cutting.

With four servo-driven direct-drive B-axis motors installed on stages 2, 3, 5, and 6, positional accuracy is ±4 seconds.

Each table is equipped with Erowa zero-point clamping systems to clamp the base pallet to the B-axis motors, generating 0.002mm pallet positional repeatability.

Four cutting stations produce 5-sided machining with 4-axis interpolation; six sides if the idle station is used for workpiece inversion. Each machining unit is equipped with its own HSK E40, 12-tool changer. HSK E32 is available as an option.

ICON Technologies

Drilling, chamfering thread milling

TMDR tooling is for drilling, thread milling, and chamfering. The solid carbide, 3-in-1 thread milling tool does not require pre-drilled holes and can work immediately on the surface of the component, improving cycle time and productivity. TMDR also works on components with pre-drilled holes such as blind holes, through holes, and semi-finished holes.

TMDR tools are offered for full profile applications with and without coolant and are suitable for a variety of materials. TMDR is integrated into Vargus GENius software for tool selection and cutting data.

Vargus USA

Exoskeleton joint actuator

Brushless DC motors for robotic limbs have led to a complete exoskeleton joint actuation unit. It consists of a pancake brushless DC motor with inertia-optimized rotor, an internal high-resolution encoder, a planetary gearhead with absolute encoder, and a position controller with CAN and RS232 interface. Fitting the absolute encoder directly at the joint rotation provides increased positioning accuracy. The unit delivers 54Nm of continuous torque and 120Nm on a 20% duty cycle.

maxon motors