Grinding, eroding machines

The Walter Helitronic Power 400 grinding machine and the Helitronic Power Diamond 400 grinding and eroding machine have been redesigned, offering 35% more workpiece space and the capability to grind tools up to 380mm (14.96") in length.

A C-axis worm drive, optional torque motor, and pneumatically driven steadyrests and tailstocks improve grinding and eroding operations by reducing leaks and improving heat management.

The Helitronic Power 400 and Helitronic Power Diamond 400 can accommodate gantry-style loaders for up to 500 tools or robot loaders for up to 7,500 tools.

United Grinding

3D metal powder recovery system

The 3D-ReKlaimer metal powder recovery system collects and reconditions used powders, reducing waste and lowering operating costs while preventing product and plant contamination.

The unit accepts bottles of used powder connected manually via an integral vacuum conveying system that automatically transfers used powders from the build chamber into a filter receiver/hopper above the system’s screening chamber.

Screened powders ready for reuse can be discharged into bottles for manual connection to the inlet of 3D printers or can be transferred automatically by an integral pneumatic conveyor that discharges into a filter receiver/hopper.

The self-contained, pre-engineered system serves multiple 3D printing stations when equipped with casters.

Kason Corp.