The Basler MED ace series provides speeds up to 164 frames per second (fps), enhanced by cameras with resolution of up to 20 mega-pixels (MP). With Sony’s Pregius sensors and Python sensors by ON Semiconductor, the small, lightweight cameras are equipped with CMOS technology, capable of pixel sizes as small as 5.86µm, temporal dark noise down as low as 2e-, and sensor sizes up to 1.1".

With DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 certification, the series offers validated and monitored production, traceability, and comprehensive change management.

Basler’s 6-axis Operator and Color Calibrator Beyond functions give control of the image’s color appearance for ophthalmology or microscopy applications.

Polymers enable medical instruments, implants

Ixef polyarylamide (PARA) resin from Solvay enabled ECA Medical Instruments to develop its Cervical-One single-use surgical instrument set for use in one- and two-level cervical spine implant procedures. The kit includes ergonomically designed instruments that surgeons require for cervical plate and interbody fixation, including precision torque-limiters and drivers.

“Solvay’s collaborative support during the design process and proactive regulatory support proved critical in reducing our time to market,” says James Schultz, executive vice president for sales and marketing at ECA Medical Instruments.

Ixef PARA compounds offer metal-like strength, rigidity, and dimensional stability with excellent surface finish. Optimized for sterilization using high-energy gamma radiation, Ixef PARA is available in a range of gamma-stabilized colors.