The Rapid Response web-based service from MW Industries guides product designers and engineers to the right solution when specifying springs, wire forms, metal stampings, fasteners, or other precision metal components for their products.

Rapid Response connects customers to multiple problem-solving engineers so the right technical solution can be found. Users can make a query on MW Industries’ website and, if made during business hours, response is received within the hour. If a potential match exists, a quote, proposal, or other response is provided in two days.

Pneumatics for Industry 4.0

Festo Motion Terminal VTEM features apps that can replace more than 50 individual components, as a result of piezo technology and software. Piezo technology and integrated stroke and pressure sensors are controlled via motion apps. Changes in pneumatic functions and adaptations to new formats are also controlled via apps by changing parameters. Integrated intelligent sensors for control, diagnostics, and self-learning tasks eliminate the need for additional components.

When the VTEM is launched, 10 functions will be available via motion apps; from basic modification of the directional control valve functions to energy-efficient motion, and from proportional behavior to different motion profiles – using the same valve hardware.

Festo Motion Terminal VTEM permits fast and powerful movements and leakage diagnostics at lower costs than current solutions. Fewer controllers are required compared with electrical solutions since one controller can control up to eight movements with the VTEM. Energy consumption is also reduced, and the required installation space is decreased by up to 65%.

ACS Motion Control joins forces with PI

Motion control and nanopositioning systems company PI (Physik Instrumente) acquired 80% of Israel-based ACS Motion Control, a developer and manufacturer of controllers and drives for multi-axis systems. The investment gives PI the ability to offer tailored systems that can be integrated into a variety of automation environments.

ACS will continue to be independent within the PI Group.;

Control any robot, tend any machine, from any location

Tend’s in.control (intelligent control) hardware-agnostic, smart-cloud, robotics software platform allows remote control, monitoring, and analysis of robot and production equipment performance from mobile devices. in.control enables robots to read and respond to human-machine interface (HMI) screens, perform quality assurance (QA) inspections, and monitor part status. Analytic dashboards provide a real-time view into the status of robots, machines, and specific jobs.

The system uses basic USB cameras to allow robots to interface visually with machines without the need for networking or integration.

“The one thing that all industrial machines have in common is that they were designed to interface visually with human beings,” explains Tend CEO Mark Silliman. “So, while we’re all looking forward to the day when machines can communicate more directly with one other, visual cues provide the best way for us to make those connections today, while creating a path forward to an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) reality.”