Portable VMC for low-volume, high-mix work

The TRAK 2op portable vertical machining center (VMC) for secondary machining operations streamlines shop workflows and maximizes labor by bringing an additional spindle wherever needed. TRAK 2op enables fast creation of work cells in a low-volume, high-mix shop, enabling multitasking for operators who would otherwise be idled during the primary machine’s cycle time – increasing productivity by reducing part cycle times and increasing output at no added labor cost. TRAK 2op can also be used as a standalone VMC for simpler parts, freeing up primary machines to complete more complex work.

The TRAK 2op has a 2.5ft x 4ft footprint, contains an 8-station automatic tool changer, and runs G-code. It uses ProtoTRAK CNC technology with conversational language programming, so programs can be generated at the machine or remotely.

Southwestern Industries Inc.

Rotary broach tool holder

The adjustment-free offset rotary broach tool head for ER collet chucks is interchangeable among any style ER collet chuck and threads onto existing ER 16, 20, 25, and 32 collet chucks while featuring a built-in 1° wobble-cutting edge for offset rotary broaching.

Allowing the user to swap one holder among different style shanks – such as round, Capto, VDI, Morse, CAT, and NMTB taper – the one holder reduces the need for tool holder adapter bushings.

The rotary broach holders use SommaSwiss broaches with 8mm dia. shanks and 1/2" dia. shank broaches.

Somma Tool Co.

Smart, high-pressure coolant system

The Model VR8 variable volume high pressure coolant system (HPCS) is durable and energy efficient, allowing users to take advantage of the full capabilities of today’s machine tools. Using only as much horsepower as required to make set pressure, it automatically adjusts the gallons-per-minute (gpm) output to maintain the desired set pressure – adjustable from the VR system’s programmable logic controller (PLC) and controlled by the machine’s M codes.

VR Series HPCSs have 50- or 70-gal. vertical reservoirs and can be used with water- or oil-based coolants. All come with two quick-change, large-capacity filter bags; a machine installation kit; and a 2-year parts warranty.

MP Systems Inc.