Tool, cutter grinding system

Model 9300 6-axis CNC tool and cutter grinding systems can manufacture ultra-precise drills, end mills, and reamers quickly and precisely with powerful 21.5hp (16kW), direct-drive, dual grinding spindles. Featuring Yaskawa AC drive amplifiers and servomotors as well as an automatic pick-n-place parts loader/unloader for continuous parts grinding, Model 9300 is built on a polymer cast base, equipped with a Schaublin pneumatic workholding system and a precise probe assembly for part repeatability.

Featuring EZ Software, the machine’s operator can quickly customize and/or modify tool geometry with a user-friendly interface by filling in blanks and then verifying the part program with the machine’s real-time 3D Parts Predictor. Each machine comes with a software package and tool programs.

Model 9300’s computer control monitors critical machine functions and alerts the operator of problems encountered during grinding as well as tracking and logging errors to help identify issues.

Unison Corp.


Quick-change robotic arm gripper

The RV36 robotic two-finger parallel gripper enables automated finger/end-effector changes without changing the gripper body. Quick-change jaws allow savings on gripper-body expenses and creates greater part-holding flexibility.

The compact gripper comes standard with integrated electronics featuring sensors that ensure fingers and parts are in place and ready for production.

Kurt Workholding


Coolant-thru tooling

Heimatec’s coolant-thru feature is now available on all the company’s current line items. Often the answer for faster, cleaner cutting on larger and deeper parts, where chips and excess heat build-up are significant challenges, coolant-thru technology is available in designs up to 1,000psi on straight and 2,000psi on angle-head tools.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.