Shrink-fit tool holder

Additions to the AccuGrip shrink-fit tool holder line include AccuKool coolant port holes. The ports provide coolant through the body, and the precise exit angle puts coolant into the vortex of the rotating cutting tool. This vortex occurs around 1.5xD to 2.5xD from the tool holder face, vacuuming 100% of the coolant into the tool’s cutting edge for improved tool life, part finish, and part dimensional control.

Accutek Inc.


The AccuGrip shrink-fit product line debuted in 2020 and is expanding to meet demand for tighter TIR tolerance tool-holding technology, higher torsional gripping forces on the cutting tool shank, and machining performance beyond everyday CNC holder products.

Round face grooving

The micrOscope line has added a range of solid carbide internal tools for boring, grooving, chamfering, and threading in bores as small as 0.5mm (0.020"). The micrOscope internal round face grooving tools, with positive chip former for greater chip control, provide 3x better tool life compared to competitors. Designed with reinforced structure, the tools support internal round face grooving applications.

Grooving width ranges from 1mm to 3mm (0.039" to 0.118"). These tools for small part machining can be used with pressure coolant-thru up to 100 bar (1,450psi).

The tools use VTX grade, a tough sub-micron substrate, with AlTiN PVD coating.

Vargus Ltd.


Swiss mill-turn machine

The Genturn-52CS Y2, 2" bar capacity, 8-axis Swiss mill-turn includes a sub-spindle and dual C- and Y-axes for complex work in one handling. Twenty tool stations service front-side work and an additional 13-backworking tool positions are standard. The 20 front-side tool positions six live cross tools, three live axial tools, six turning tool stations, and five ID tool stations in a quick-access gang configuration. The counter spindle’s 13 tool stations include four axial driven stations with four live tool holders. Nine ID stations are included, four from the dedicated sub-spindle tool block, and five shared from the backside of the main spindle tooling bridge.

The main and counter spindle feature accurate dead-length gripping and a high-performance C-axis with full contouring and 360,000 radial positions (0.001° resolution). C-axis operations facilitate engraving and milling highly complex part details. The 51mm (2") bar capacity spindle runs up to 6,000rpm and the rapid traverse rate is 1,181ipm.

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