The 22mm x 23mm miniature multi-turn kit encoder for integrated motor feedback features a self-powered rotation counter that eliminates the need for backup batteries or complex gear systems. They are suitable for builders of servomotors, feedback-controlled stepper motors, micro-drives, miniature robots, and other machines requiring high-precision position feedback and space.

The Wiegand energy harvesting system that powers the rotation counter has also been miniaturized. This system ensures reliable absolute multi-turn position measurement without high-maintenance batteries or gear systems.



  • Multi-turn measurement range, digital output
  • Resists oil, dust, moisture contamination
  • 17-bit electronic resolution, up to 32-bit multi-turn measurement
  • SSI, BiSS C interfaces
  • Integrated self-calibration
  • Magnetics, integrated temperature sensor for diagnostics, multi-turn functionality, maintenance-free operation


Gantry motion system for inspection, assembly, 3D printing

Linear motors and precision mechanical linear bearings allow the A-351 gantry motion system to provide high speed and accuracy more cost-effectively than the A-341 hybrid air bearing gantry. Absolute linear encoders increase accuracy and reduce startup time by making homing procedures unnecessary. Ironless linear motors eliminate cogging for smooth, vibration-free motion and better velocity control. The system integrates easily with factory automation through the ACS-based motion controller with EtherCat connectivity.

For applications requiring a motorized vertical axis, several Z-stage options are available with screw-driven platforms or linear motors and pneumatic counterbalance. Mounting platforms for vision systems and dispensers are also available.

Physik Instrumente (PI)


  • Standard X-,Y- travel ranges: 300mm x 300mm; 500mm x 1,000mm
  • Absolute encoders, 1nm resolution
  • Z-stage options: Linear motors, ball screws
  • Dynamic error mapping with ACS motion controller
  • Velocity: Up to 2m/sec on cross axis
  • Cable carrier option, e-chain
  • Water cooling option for high acceleration/high duty-cycle applications

Brushless motor

The brushless IDX motor with EPOS4 positioning controller offers standard auto tuning, more power, short lead times, and IP65 protection.

The compact brushless EC-i motor with an EPOS4 positioning controller provides field-oriented control (FOC), high efficiency, and maintenance-free components in a high-quality industrial housing. IDX drives are suitable for use from standstill to maximum speed and have high overload capability. Together with a positioning controller, the integrated sensor (single-turn) enables absolute positioning.

maxon motor

Safety torque sensor

The ring-shaped safety torque sensor can be integrated at each collaborative robot (cobot) joint to meet up to ISO13849 Category 4 PL e safety requirements due to two electrically segregated channels with no common-cause failure. Optimized for cobots, the sensor provides low susceptibility to crosstalk, allowing increased accuracy. With available customized mechanical interfaces, the sensor can be adapted to meet specific customer applications.

TE Connectivity

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Dual camera system

The Vicore two-camera smart system inspects applications using 2D, thermal, and 3D imaging. Its small, book-style format provides convenient, front-accessible connections for cameras, I/O, and system components. This includes a dedicated industrial Ethernet port that communicates with complementary factory devices using Ethernet/IP or Profinet. Vicore can be set up as a standalone system with attached HDMI display and keyboard, or as a remotely accessible networked device through its LAN port.

Teledyne Dalsa