The Integrex i-300ST configured with a milling spindle and lower turret can process first and second operations simultaneously or perform required sequential operations on a single workpiece. The machine’s main horizontal turning spindle with 10" chuck is capable of C-axis indexing in 0.0001° increments. The main turning spindle is a 40hp integral spindle motor providing up to 4,000rpm spindle speed, while the second, opposed headstock with a 10" chuck features a 35hp integral spindle motor and 4,000rpm top speed.

A 30hp, 12,000rpm integral motor milling spindle rotates in the B-axis throughout a range of 210° and -30° from vertical. The milling spindle also travels 10.24" in the Y-axis. For increased versatility, the Integrex i-300ST accommodates workpieces up to 25.9" in diameter and 59.8" in length. Tool magazine capacity ranges from 36 tools up to a maximum of 110 tools.

The machine’s lower drum turret accommodates nine tools and can work at either the main or second spindle with the same tool, enabling the turret to perform balanced cutting operations on one part working in tandem with the machine’s vertical milling spindle. An option for milling with the lower turret provides flexibility to process a workpiece’s second operation with the second spindle or perform first and second operations simultaneously.

The Integrex i-300ST uses the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC, part of Mazak’s Smooth Technology, which is a complete process-performance platform spanning part-production from programming and setup to metal removal operations, automation, monitoring, and data collection/transfer.

Mazak Corp.