MAR-17-1-3.1 and MAR-23-1-3.1 speed reducers with traction drive technology have 98% efficiency and six moving parts. As the output speed is reduced by 3x, the output torque increases by 3x.

An engineered traction fluid with a coefficient of friction of 0.1 to 0.12 cools and lubricates the traction drive, generating up to 72% less heat. There is no slippage or lost motion between the input and output shafts. Creating 38% less noise at 3,000rpm than conventional gearboxes, the reducers are suitable for mobile hospital equipment, dialysis machines, blowers, fans, turbo and super chargers, and conveyers.

With low vibration and no torque losses from 10rpm to 3,000rpm, the speed reducers allow a motor to operate efficiently while having a damping a motor’s torque ripple. An overriding clutch is optional.

Rolling Motion Industries