The insertable form drill system offers cost savings as only the insertable carbide tool is ground. Setup times are reduced through quick changeovers; the retaining screw is easily accessible for insert replacement; the holder is not removed, so re-centering is not necessary.

Grooving with insertable form tools, instead of single-point turning, can lower costs up to 40%. However, solid carbide drills are often necessary for larger bore sizes and deeper holes, despite long changeover time concerns – increased costs and longer machine downtime.

With its PWP and PWP-D insertable form drill system, Schwanog addresses the problem of long setup times by keeping the insert holder in the machine during insert changeover. The center height stays unchanged.

The insertable carbide tool is ground individually, according to customer specifications, and can hold a minimum tolerance of ±0.02mm and 0.02mm repeatability.

Form drill systems are available in various carbide grades and offer additional savings as only the insert is coated, not an entire solid carbide drill.

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