Swiss-type automatic lathe

The SR-32JII Swiss-type automatic lathe uses a slanted tool post with dovetail structure to provide rigidity for better accuracy. An increased number of tool positions on the SR-32JII provides added capabilities and the model can be used with or without guide bushing. The machine is designed with back-working capabilities and features a 6-spindle unit (Type A) or 8-spindle unit with Y-axis on Type B model.

Star CNC Machine Tools

Threading, chamfering, grooving, turning tools

Inserts with an improved design, rugged construction, and advanced coatings support multiple Swiss-style applications. Carbide shank toolholders provide vibration resistance and longer reach. Vertical inserts are constructed of BLU-Sub-micron grade carbide with advanced PVD triple-layer coating for high heat resistance, smoother cutting operation, and better finish. Toolholders feature through coolant and inserts can be quickly indexed.

Capable of threading, grooving, boring, profiling, and chamfering, these units are designed for long threads or long-reach applications, as well as small diameter, course-pitch threads.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Force measurement solution systems

L1 force solutions are designed for high-volume, in-situ production testing and are easy to set up, operate, and maintain. Six models are available in standard and extended travels with testing capacities of 110 lb-ft, 330 lb-ft, and 550 lb-ft.

Templates allow users to create, perform, measure, and analyze a test in seconds and perform limit testing, break testing, constant hold testing, and cycle testing. Touch screens simplify operation and the high-resolution display shows results in tabular and graphical formats. Tolerances can be applied for immediate pass/fail indication. Raw data and results can be exported to Excel for reporting and statistical analysis. Load measurement accuracy is greater than 0.1% while distance position accuracy is greater than 20┬Ám.

The L.S. Starrett Co.