Laser confocal scanning microscope

The LEXT OLS5000 3D laser confocal scanning microscope offers a10x lens optimized for a 405nm-wavelength light source and a long working distance lens reduce aberrations and enable accurate measurements across the entire field of view. Its 4K scanning technology, with a resolution of 4,096 pixels in X, enhances resolution and improves reliability of shape measurements, allowing detection of near-vertical slopes and small steps without image correction.


Multi-function cutting tool

Shark-Cut allows one tool for facing, drilling, boring, and turning. By combining operations, the multi-purpose cutting tool system cuts purchasing and reduces tool setup and indexing time between operations. Inserts are peripheral ground and precision pressed in grades and geometries suited to a range of materials. Multiple coolant ports enhance cutting-edge immersion and chip evacuation.

Arno USA

Die sinking EDM

The compact E 350 die sinking EDM machine for small shops boasts sturdy C-axis construction, cross table, and cast iron frame for high stability and force reduction. Integrated glass scales preserve long-term repeatability and eliminate recalibration and errors found in screw systems.

Improving machining speeds by 40% and reducing corner wear by 50%, the intelligent speed power generator (ISPG) offers surface finishes and precision applications in any conductive material. It overcomes common process challenges for copper electrodes, including electrode wear from electrical discharge.

A programmable dielectric management system with a 270L capacity is integrated inside the machine cabinet. It automatically fills and empties the work tank to keep the machine in production and is accessible for routine maintenance.

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