Multi-sensor CMM

StentCheck is a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) designed for the precise requirements of stent measurement. The combined optical-tactile CMM is equipped with special illumination for transmitted light and a high-precision rotary/tilt axis with runout of less than 0.5µm.

Regardless of strut thickness in multiple areas, radii of the rounded end areas, angles of the strut structure, stent lengths, material wall thickness, eyelets, and end flute angles, the StentCheck measures repeatedly and accurately. Software prevents false measurements such as those caused by severely bent struts.

Werth Inc.

Elbow plug connector series

Anglissimo, an elbow plug connector, allows positioning of the cable’s exit angle in one of eight possible positions during assembly. The connector then remains securely positioned in its orientation. It is designed for use in applications where many cables need precise positioning to manage cable clutter. The product is available in 0B, 1B, and 2B series sizes with electrical contacts ranging from 2 to 32 (crimp or solder).

Lemo USA Inc.

Swiss-type machining cutting oil

Offering greater lubricity, faster heat dissipation, improved part finish, and longer tool life in Swiss-type machining applications, Swiss Silver cutting oils suit soft and hard metal applications. Non-chlorinated, sulphur-free variants for select medical applications are available as well as other custom formulations.

Swiss Silver eliminates wax-like buildup on machine slide surfaces that can catch chips, creating abrasion, loss of accuracy, and high machine maintenance costs. All formulations are clear, allowing for greater visibility while lower viscosity results in less fluid use, less fluid carry out on parts, and less chance of tolerance change as machine oil temperature increases. Visit GenSwiss at PMTS booth #258.