cobot applications Vention is pairing its online-first manufacturing automation platform (MAP) with OnRobot’s plug-and-play end-of-arm tools to accelerate design and deployment of end-to-end collaborative robot (cobot) applications.

Vention’s MAP provides the engineering software and modular hardware to design, automate, order, and deploy factory equipment in a single digital environment. OnRobot’s plug-and-play tools for cobot and light industrial robotics allow manufacturers to scale production with greater flexibility and efficiency.

These offerings ease automating tasks such as machine tending, material handling, material removal, and assembly.

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Linear electric actuator

The LDL linear electric actuator, offered in 12mm and 25mm widths, features printed coil technology with integrated SMAC encoder reader head. It averages more than 100 million cycles and repeats in milliseconds, allowing almost instantaneous changeover.

Other standard sizes are being added, and using MCA laser cutting technology inside can quickly develop special shapes.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators

Tri-axis yaw, pitch, roll stages

A new series of tri-axis yaw, pitch, and roll stages are now available.

YPR-100-100-100 -01: Driven by two-phase stepper motor

-02 version: Driven by three-phase brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders mounted on the motor shaft

-03 version: Driven by DC servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders

-04 version: Driven by stepper motors with quadrature optical encoders for position verification

Each roll stage provides precise measurements of object angles and curvature, laser machining and drilling, scanning, and tracking, and can be used with coordinate measuring machines.

The YPR-100-100-100-01 and -04 versions have a maximum speed of 14° per second and a resolution of 0.001° equal to 3.6 arc sec when the resolution of the micro-step driver is 10 microsteps per step. Positional accuracy is 0.05° and repeatability is ±0.01°.

For speeds up to 45° per second, greater accuracy, and resolution, the YPR-100-100-100-02, or -03 tri-axis stages are most suitable.

Each axis is equipped with a home switch to signal the motion controller to reach the home position and a Vernier scale.

The top stage has a precision pattern of threaded holes for mounting tooling or fixtures, and a 30mm thru hole.

An optional 200mm x 200mm mounting plate is also available.

OES (Optimal Engineering Systems Inc.)