Grinding machine

GrindSmart Nano5 can manufacture medical, dental, and industrial cutting tools with diameters as large as 6.35mm (0.25") in high-speed steel, stainless steel, or carbide. With five fully interpolating CNC axes and a pick-and-place automatic tool loader, the grinding center is suitable for short and long production runs.

Additional tool geometries for dental tools and industrial cutting tools are included in the expanded VirtualGrindPro design software, along with an updated simulator offering faster, more accurate renderings of 3D images.

GrindSmart Nano5 manufactures dental and laboratory burs/drills, end mills, Lindemann cutters, rotary files, and endodontic reamers, and can be used in custom grinding applications.



Performance material 3D printer

The Stratasys Origin One 3D printer uses proprietary P3 technology to produce parts in a range of high-performance materials with accuracy and repeatability – part dimensions up to 192mm x 108mm x 370mm and print details less than 50µm.

Stratasys acquired Origin in December 2020 and the Stratasys Origin One is the first 3D printer resulting from the acquisition. An update of the Origin One, it includes a larger build envelope plus software and hardware workflow upgrades for ease of serviceability, higher performance, and higher use. Software upgrades will be available to the existing installed base via a cloud-delivered update when the Origin One begins shipping, currently planned for Q4 2021.

Fully certified third-party materials at launch will include 10 industrial resins, including high temperature, tough, elastomer, general purpose, and medical-grade materials. A dental version will be introduced later this year.

Stratasys Ltd.

Mini jet washer

The Cell-U-Clean Mini Jet’s small spray cabinet provides an energy efficient, reliable solution for high-volume cleaning. The wash and blow-off machine with a 5.0ft x 8.0ft x 7.6ft footprint has a 60 sec/cycle part production rate and a variable-speed table drive.

The Mini Jet is for small and large parts where floor space comes at a premium. Designed as a high-capacity solution with low energy needs, the rotary hideaway door eliminates the extra floor space required for the door swing while ensuring a dry floor when loading and unloading. Constructed of stainless steel, it comes with a robot loading option and a standard 3-2-1 warranty.

Cleaning Technologies Group