Wireless handheld ultrasound

GE Healthcare’s Vscan Air wireless pocket-sized ultrasound device provides clear images, whole-body scanning capabilities, and intuitive software.

Introduced in 2010, more than 30,000 Vscan Family systems are in use, providing care to more than 50 million patients worldwide. The Vscan Air ultrasound system offers high image quality and advanced visualization software.

“Clinicians need smaller and smarter tools that increase access and efficiency both in and outside of the four walls of the hospital,” says Anders Wold, president and CEO of Global Ultrasound at GE Healthcare. “The Vscan Air exemplifies customer-driven innovation that enables more personalized care for patients worldwide.”


MRI-safe cochlear implants

MED-EL’s Synchrony cochlear implant features a diametric magnet approved for 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) without requiring magnet removal.

The updated Synchrony 2’s S-Vector magnet is 25% stronger than the first-generation, suitable for active recipients with off-the-ear single-unit audio processors such as RONDO 3. Despite increased magnetic strength, there are no changes to existing MRI scanning instructions. The S-Vector magnet also has the same small MRI artifact as the first-generation magnet.